Sunday, July 30, 2006

Insulin Pump

Almost a week ago I worked out James average blood glucose level (BGL) since he had been on the pump. Over 6 days he had an average of

9.0 mmol.

For those of you who don't know the normal average is between 4 and 8 mmol and for diabetics they often say that they need to keep their levels between 4 and 10 mmol. Just out of curiosity I decided to choose a random 6 consecutive days before James went on the pump and work out the average of that. I was shocked (but not completely suprised) to find out that pre-pump his average was 15.2 mmol!!!!!!!

I am very impressed that his average has dropped so much in only 6 days and we are both excited to see how much it drops over the next few months as it is programmed to suit his body better.


Monday, July 24, 2006

La la la

James and I looked after my neice and nephew last Wednesday night. We took Pumpernickel with us to explain James' new pump. Apparently we didn't need to explain it... but we must have had the whole purpose of an insulin pump wrong, as the conversation went like this...

James pulled his pump out of his pocket and Tommy said: "Cool - a new phone! Can I play a game?".

Laura pulled Pumpernickel's pump out of the bag he comes with and walked around the house with it to her ear saying "ahhh.... no.... ohhhh...".

On another note, I thought I'd share one of the funniest things that Tommy said yesterday. Mum, Dad, Jules, Tommy, Laura and I all went to the Opera Australia open day. We watched a performance of Hansel and Gretel, went on a wardrobe tour, tried on some hats and clothes. Tommy was very good on the tour which would have probably been quite boring for a five year old, however, we were able to keep him interested by continually telling him that we would see 'James' mum' soon! Anyway... on the way home, after a VERY long day, Tommy was in the car and he suddenly said "Mum, why aren't Liz and James on 'singing with the stars' instead of Paulini and Simon?". Yes, he has heard us sing!!!

Paulini and Simon on "It takes two"
Photos from Opera Australia open day

Unfortunately I don't have any photos of Laura - she had to go to sleep - however she did start saying a new word yesterday - "awake".

Friday, July 14, 2006


We had a great holiday in Manyana - when I get some photos I will post them. The weather was nice, the house was cozy and the view was beautiful!

James had his appointment with his specialist on Tuesday. He was basically told that everything was normal on most of the tests (except the liver function tests) and that they don't know what the problem was. All we have to do now is hope it doesn't happen again, and have a few liver function tests done every now and again.

James and I attended the pump information session at Nepean Hospital on Wednesday. An insulin pump seems like it will be very beneficial for James. It does alot of the calculations for him, and it is able to mimic a real pancreas better than injections will. James goes into hospital next Tuesday to get his $8000 Deltec Cozmo insulin pump (thankfully our health fund covers the whole cost of the pump!).

James and I have started doing some extra work for Australian Home Care. We are working for 2 hours morning and night four days a week looking after a man in Blaxland. We are able to work together which means that my wrist will hopefully not suffer and will not hurt more! The company has said that it is ok with them if James takes Carbi with him so we are all set.

Only 24 days left.....

Monday, July 03, 2006

Home, James

As you might be able to tell from the title -


His calcium level is still below normal, his blood pressure is still on the low side, but despite this they let him out of hospital finally!

James has been given a medical certificate that will give him another week off so we are going on a holiday. We are going to go to the holiday house of a girl who I go to uni with. It is in Manyana on the South Coast of NSW. On the way down we will spend a night at James' Pop's house at Shoalhaven Heads as we haven't seen him for almost a year. We will be back in time for James follow up appointment with his doctor on Tuesday, and his pump information session on Wednesday.

This will be our last puppy free holiday! Can't wait till we can pick up Carbi!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Weekend Update

James spent the weekend off all drips and has had both cannulas remove so he is feeling better but is quite upset at being in hospital still. His calcuim, magnesium and potassium levels have all dropped again (but the doctor on didn't want to do anything about them yet) and his liver function tests returned with some levels up and some down. James is convinced that he will be coming home tomorrow and while I would love for that to happen I'm not sure that it will as these levels have dropped in two days after he was on all the drips.

Since they have decided that James is better and not going to spread Hep A around the hospital they have moved him out of his single room. He is in a double room and as I left this evening there were about 10 people visiting his room mate and holding a very loud prayer meeting. James was really tired and wanted a sleep but it is too noisy so he is already missing his single room paradise!

Hopefully we get some good news tomorrow.