Saturday, September 30, 2006


So far this week I have had my first play on the beach, gone on my first camping holiday and been to my first movie.

Today, I added another first to that... I went to a cafe for the first time!

We picked up Uncle Dan from his house and then we all went into Springwood. Uncle Dan had to go to the bank so we dropped him off and waited in the car. While we were waiting I had fun looking out the window.

Then we went to a cafe and had lunch - well Mum, Dad and Uncle Dan did... I just sat on the floor.

To tell the truth going to a cafe isn't that exciting - all I get to do is sit or lie down - I don't get to eat and everyone else does. I did get a few pats and got to watch people walk past so it wasn't all bad.

After lunch we dropped Uncle Dan home again and went to the shops. Mum and Dad brought me a new bed to take to work as I have gotten to big for my old one.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Yappy, and proud of it

SEPT 27, 2006

By Jacqui Knox

Say hello to a puff-haired pooch with extraordinary powers.

He snarls at his owners and wakes them in the middle of the night, then gets a cuddle for doing the right thing.

His name is Carbi and he has lived in Faulconbridge for just six weeks. But he has already given his diabetic dad James Yarker several warnings of potentially deadly low blood sugar levels.

The fourteen-week-old puppy is a Chinese Crested powder puff - a dog breed that seems to naturally and reliably detect hypoglycaemic attacks before symptoms arrive.

Only a handful of such 'alert dogs' are being trained in Australia by Paws for Diabetics, despite research reported in the British Medical Journal and spreading popularity in the US.

Carbi (short for 'carbohydrate') snarls and barks furiously when his owner is about to have one of his attacks.

On one occasion he woke James in the middle of the night. On another he stopped James form getting into his car and potentially falling unconscious behind the wheel as happened two years ago.

"It's to do with smell I think," said James. "It always feels weird praising him when he's barking at me."

Carbi is being obedience trained to become a certified assistance dog and is allowed to go everywhere with James and his wife Liz.

In fact, Carbi even has an ID card.

"Yes, he is spoilt, it's worth it," said James.

James admits he probably would have liked the pooch even if it didn't do its job.
"I have to say I was a bit sceptical (before) ... I suppose I was sort of excited about being able to take a puppy dog to work."

At the end of the year Carbi will travel to Tasmania with James and Liz.

No doubt he will attract the same kind of attention there as he does in cafes, shops and even nursing homes here.

"The thing that takes up time is everybody wants to pat him," says Liz.

Source: The Blue Mountains Gazette

The Beach

They say that pictures say a thousand words, so videos say more... which means I don't need to say anything!

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Dad, Mum and I went on holidays for a few days. We went to a place called Blue Bay and we went camping for one night.

It all started on Tuesday morning. We were planning to leave early on Tuesday but Dad had a sore tooth so he had to go to the Dentist. He made an appointment for 1.40pm and we packed the car. We drove to Penrith and stopped at the storage shed to pick up the tent (Mum said that it was Aunty Lou's tent - so thanks Aunty Lou!). After that we drove to Parramatta and Dad went to the Dentist. Mum and I went for a walk but when we got back to the dentist's a lady said that I couldn't be there - Mum showed them my ID card and they went to talk to someone. When they came back they said it was fine - but they didn't sound like they thought it was fine!

Dad came out not long after that and we went back to the car. When we packed the car, I had a little spot left for me to curl up and sleep - so I did. When I woke up, the air smelt different! It smelt salty.

Mum and Dad left me in the car while they set up the tent. I didn't like that!!! But they said that I couldn't get out because they couldn't watch me and they didn't want me to run away (I wouldn't you know, I'd just go exploring - there is a difference!).

After the tent was set up they got me and everything else out of the car. They put three leads together and attached one to the ground so that I could have a run around and could still be safe at the same time.However, I kept gettting tangled up and I don't know why! Mum took a photo of me in front of the tent - it was getting dark - tied onto the tent is my blanket, it was there to dry.

It had been a long day for all of us so we all went to bed early. I went into the tent and found my bed and blanket and went straight to sleep. It was kind of cold so Mum put my blanket over the top of me to keep me warmer.

The next morning we got up and went for a walk. I even walked down some steps!!! We walked to the beach - it was so fun I'm going to dedicate a whole post to it - so read that one here.

When we got back from the beach I was covered with sand and had it all in my eyes and over my face, so Dad and Mum held me still and washed it out and off... I didn't like that - as you can probably tell from the next photo.

After that we hung around the camp site for a while then we went to the shops. Mum and Dad brought a treat for me to eat that afternoon - because they were taking their neice to the movies. We went and played at a park for a while, then we went to Uncle Jack's house.

Uncle Jack has two dogs - who I didn't get to play with but I did get to explore their yard and chew on their bones.

We stayed there for a while then we got back in the car. We went to the movies and went into a room with lots of seats on a slope and a BIG TV screen. The movie was very loud but I paid no attention to it. The only time I watched was when a dog barked somewhere in the room - well that's what it sounded like. After that I went to sleep and slept through the rest of the movie.

After the movie we went back to Uncle Jack's house, and then we went to Uncle Rich and Aunty Kel's house. They all had pizza for dinner and pavlova for dessert, and all I got was dry dog biscuits - I don't think that is fair!!! They have lots of stairs in their house and I learnt to go up and down them without being scared!

We stayed at their house that night. In the morning we packed up and drove home. I was so tired I fell asleep in my toolbox on the backseat (my toolbox is what Dad takes to work with him - it has my toys and some food in it). Mum woke me up when she was taking photos of me in it.

When I climbed out of the box, Mum closed it and moved it so I could sleep on the pillows and be more comfortable - I look it don't I.

As always, there are more photos in my photo album.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Puppy Pre-school

I got home from work this morning, went to bed, and was lying there almost asleep when I realised that I hadn't shared my big news with you all!!!

I'm a GRAD!!!

I graduated from puppy pre-school on the 12th of September! I got a tag to wear on my collar that says "I'm a puppy school graduate" and I also got this certificate!

Aren't I clever???

Sunday, September 24, 2006


~Clifford as a puppy~

~Clifford the Big Red Dog~

~ Me on the 9th of August~

~Me now~

Who else thinks it won't be long until I'm as big as Clifford??

"Paddy Dog sees a Ghost"

"Who threw those leaves at me???"

Today I went outside and there was someone pushing me around and throwing leaves at me. I tried to see who they were but I couldn't find them. Mum said that their name is "Wind", but I looked and looked and couldn't see Wind. I think they were hiding. I could see them moving the trees around so they must be very big!

Mummy got a book called 'Paddy dog sees a ghost' by June Woodman, for her sixth birthday. She got it out of the cupboard last night to take to her work. I read it today... the first page says...
"Paddy Dog is in his little house. It is a very windy day. Paddy looks out of the window. He sees the leaves falling off the trees".

I think that today must be a windy day and that Wind only likes to come out and play on windy days.

Today was also a very hot day, and after playing with Wind outside I came inside and tried to get cool. I found that the bricks near the fire were cold, and so I slept against them.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Mum took some videos of me playing with my friends - the guinea pigs and also of me playing with Emily - the rabbit. She thinks they are funny and since I like making people smile i'll put them here....

As you can probably tell, the guinea pigs are used to me playing with them - but they don't often play with me!

Emily runs away from me and I don't know where she goes - the last part of this video is me looking for her.

Sorry if they take a while to load!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Newspapers and shopping and more holidays

Yesterday a lady from the local newspaper (the Blue Mountians Gazette) came over to talk to Mum, Dad and me about my Big Important Job. She didn't talk to me much because I was too busy looking for leaves to play with, but she talked to Mum and Dad a lot. She took lots of photos of all of us before she left and I'll be in the paper soon.

Mummy was a bit cranky at me last night. Dad got up at about 3am (to go to the toilet) and didn't take me. I woke up and he wasn't there so I started crying and barking. Since I was barking I woke Mum up and she told me that it was ok and that she was there, and that Dad would be back, but I still cried because Daddy wasn't there. I get sad when he goes away from me now because Mum went away one morning and didn't come back for four whole days! I worry that the same thing will happen with Daddy. Mummy was sad when I wouldn't stop barking and crying because she was tired and had to get up early this morning! She gave me a cuddle but I just wanted to get away! When Dad got back I gave him a cuddle, then I went back to Mum and gave her a big sloppy kiss on her nose - she said that she loved me, but then she wiped off my kiss!!

Today Mum, Dad and I went shopping. We went to a place in Mount Druit where Mum and Dad both got some pants and Dad got some tops. It was very hot and I was tired. After the shops at Mount Druit we drove to another shop. Dad went in and I waited in the car with Mum. It was hot so Mum put a drop of water on my head. It felt good so she wet my head and ears. When Dad got back to the car I was all smiles! It felt nice and cool.

We went and saw Mum's friend Ange at the shop she works in. Dad was tired so he sat on the floor while we waited for Mum's pictures to be delivered to the shop. I curled up in Dad's lap and went to sleep.~My friend Hercules~

We came home and I had a play outside and talked to my friends Hercules and G.P (who are guinea pigs). It was cooler at home then down the mountains, so I enjoyed being outside in the fresh air. When I had had enough playing I went inside and went to bed with Dad. I have to go to work tonight so I needed a sleep.

Next week I'm going to be going away with Mum and Dad. We are going to go to the Central Coast and spend some time with my uncles and aunties and James and I are going to see my new baby cousin Mia for the first time. Mum has seen her already and so I can post a picture here! And for a limited time only, there are more photos of Mia on my photo album.

~ Mia Jade - born 12th September, 2006 ~

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Mum, Nana and Pop all went on a plane for their holiday... but Dad and I went to Dad's parents house!!!

On Saturday morning Dad and I got home from work and there was lots of bags packed in the hall and Pop was carrying some up to the car. I had a cuddle with Mum and then they got in their car and Dad and I got in ours.

Dad drove to his parents house and we settled in. I slept in the same bed as Dad and I didn't need to have a lead attaching me to the bed!!! One night I went to sleep under the covers and when I woke up I couldn't see! I tried to find my way out and I couldn't! I started crying and Daddy woke up and rescued me - I hugged him and hugged him and wouldn't let go!

We had lots of fun on our holiday. Daddy told Mummy that I was spoilt rotten - but I'm not sure what that means - all I know is that I got lots of cuddles - and I met a new person!

In the backyard there was a nice little Carbi sized pool that Dad called a pond. I wanted to go in - but Daddy wouldn't let me!

Daddy took a few photos of me...I can't get the photos to upload to blogger - but they are in my photo album - so check them out there!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Photo Album

Mum downloaded the new version of Picasa today. It has a web album function built into it so I am starting up a photo album on the web. There is a link on the side of the page but if you want to look at it go here.

I had a bath yesterday. Mum and Dad bought me some new shampoo that is soap free. I haven't been as itchy today so I like it. When they put it on me it made me purple and I was scared that I was going to stay that colour!!! It all came out in the end and I'm still white!!!

The rest of the photos are on my new photo album so be sure to check it out!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Playing, Eating and Sleeping

I have been really busy and havn't posted for a while (to tell the truth I was busy playing, and eating, and sleeping - oh yeah, and growing), so I have just posted a series of posts.

Mum has taken lots of photos of me so I'll put some here:

Mountain Goat (or should that be dog?)

I have recently discovered that the lounges are much more comfortable to sleep on than the floor, however, I'm not tall enough and need help getting onto the lounge.

The other day, Mum put my cushion to dry in front of the fire, and a few minutes later....

Attack of the killer....



A few days ago Dad had a hypo. He had checked his level and was about to go driving (it was 5.2 but he had eaten a lot only half an hour before) but I knew that his level was dropping so I told him. Mum took some photos of me alerting Dad. I growl and grab him and won't stop until he is better. In these photos Dad is having a drink of soft drink to get better.

Although these next photos look bad - Daddy was only playing with me and was completly OK!!


The Dilemma:

Do I play with Ratta (my stuffed toy Rat)?


Do I eat?

The solution:

Try and do both!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Kenneth Mervyn Hubbard

Nana and Pop have gone away again. They were going up to Brisbane for Pop's work, but have had to go to Toowoomba as Pop's brother died. Mum has been talking to Nana and Pop a lot and making phone calls for them. She is sad but I think Pop will be sadder. I can't wait till he gets home and then I can give him a big cuddle and a lick and try to make him feel better.

~ Kenneth Mervyn Hubbard ~
~ 29th October, 1940 - August, 2006 ~

Me me me!

This morning Mum got a phone call from a lady from Diabetic Living. They want to do an article on me - who would blame them! Mum says the article is about Dad and PFD too but I don't believe her!

On the weekend Mum, Dad and I went to Dad's parents house for dinner. I played and explored the house and when everyone was eating I lay under the table and went to sleep. Dad went to take his Grandma home and I stayed to play with his Dad. He kept teasing me and putting my toys on top of the coffee table where I couldn't reach them - but I had fun trying to work out how to get to them.

On Tuesday I went to Puppy preschool again. We learn how to stay and how to heel. I didn't want to sit and learn though, I wanted to play with all the other dogs. Bella wasn't there but I played with Maddie again. I heard Maddie's Mum saying that Maddie would have to come over and play - I hope she does.