Monday, June 25, 2007

"Wow... what a great lake!"

Yesterday we went for a big drive. We all got in Jo's car and drove, and drove, and drove.

We stopped quickly at a lookout and saw this:
Then we headed for a place called Liffy Falls were we had to walk to see water. While Mum was taking photos of the falls I decided to take a rest... in the water!!!
Aramis and I were wearing our warm water proof coats and had to wear our PFD coats over the top - we look silly when we do this and Aramis looks like he is preparing for christmas!!!

After we saw the water we got back in the car. We decided to go inland instead of to the coast and headed towards the Great Lake. Along the way we suddenly saw white stuff at the side of the road which grew!!!

There was no white stuff falling from the sky it was just on the road. Mum and Jo took some photos and Mum introduced Aramis and I to the snow. NOW I know what that white stuff is that all the dogs with blogs talk about!!! Mum took these photos of our pawprints.

Mum and Jo made little snowmen!

We kept driving and suddenly saw all this water - some of it is even frozen!!
I was sleeping on Mum's lap (I like the front seat!) and suddenly she said "oh sheep dogs!!". I sat up and looked out the windows but couldn't see them... Mum said that we had already passed them but I didn't believe her. I lay back down and then Mum said "horse dogs!". I wasn't about to fall for that again! I gave her a look and went to sleep. Unfortunately when we got home I looked at the photos from the trip and found these...

hmmm maybe she wasn't tricking this time!

Anyway... we drove and drove some more. We went down a big hill and Mum took more photos.
Eventually we made it home agian. Next week we will be going to the coast!!
Carbi xx

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Hi everyone!!!
I'm so so so sorry I haven't written for so long!!! We have been busy!

It was my 1st ever birthday on the 14th of June!!! I got to have a cheese platter and I had a cake with a candle on it and I got to have a bone and I got to have a big piece of cake!!! It was so good!!! The only bad part was that Mum misplaced her camera and had to use her old one... which would be fine except now she can't find the cord to get the pictures from that to the computer so she has to keep searching and I can post them when we can get them onto the computer.

Mum and Dad keep playing "where's Aramis?" and "where's Carbi?" with us. I'm much better at this game than Aramis... see...

Mum and Aramis's friend from Uni has come to live with us. Her name is Jo.
She is nice - even Aramis likes her!! She calls Aramis and me silly bananas. Mum said we are going on a car trip with her tomorrow. We are going to 'see where the wind takes us'. I hope it takes us somewhere with yummy food!! I'm going to make Mum take her camera with us (she found the good one after my birthday the silly banana!) and I'm going to write tomorrow night about our trip!!

Carbi xx