Sunday, February 25, 2007


We have been invaded!!!

First it was my other Mum and this....

Then it was these two.....

And this....

And then, just when I thought it couldn't get worse, it's these as well....

I'll write more later - at the moment I have to go make sure that noone takes my Mum away from me!!

Aramis xx

PS - three of the dogs went home - but the rest are still here!!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

We're Back!!!

Hi everyone,
Did you miss us?? We weren't here for a while because we were sick. Carbi generously shared whatever he had with me... but we are all better now and have been for a few days. The other reason we didn't post was because MTLH and Nana used up all their MB allowance for their broadband and made it too slow to be able to do ANYTHING!!!

We don't really have anything to tell you about anyway. MTLH organised getting badges for some of the people in Paws for Diabetics and she also got me one as well. Mine says "Public Relations Dog". MTLH wanted to get one for Carbi that said "Spoilt Brat" but she didn't.

MTLH and Dad have been packing some more of our stuff up today and she put me into a box because I'm going with Mum and Dad too. I just sat there and looked at her. Carbi also got put into the box (after I got out) but he got scared and tried to jump out!

MTLH did an interview with someone from the Victorian branch of Diabetes Australia. We are going to be the cover story of their member magazine!!! So MTLH took more photos of us - this is one of them.

Good night!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sick as a dog!

Hi everyone!

Carbi had to go to the vets twice in two days!!! We went yesterday as he has had sore teeth again... it seems that he likes his baby teeth and he had kept another two as well as his adult teeth which means that he needs to have another operation to take two more teeth out! This time he won't have the snip snip operation as well tho because he already had that.

Then last night Carbi and Dad went to work and MTLH and I stayed home. We went to bed at around 2am after working on writing lots of letters to government people about Paws for Diabetics Inc. At 4am Dad rang me and MTLH and said that Carbi was sick. Something about runny poo and red stuff in it. MTLH left me at home and came back with Carbi. We stayed awake for the rest of the night keeping an eye on him to make sure he didn't get sicker and have to go to the doctor. Dad rang again at 6.30am and said that MTLH had taken his car keys home with all of Carbi's stuff. So MTLH left me at home again and came back alone. Dad came home a few minutes later. This time Dad stayed up and waited for the vets to open to get Carbi another appointment. MTLH and I got a few hours sleep before we had to get up and go to the vets with Carbi. Carbi has medicine to take which is good because MTLH puts it in some peanut butter and I get some peanut butter too!

Anyway, so we came home and were here for a little while and then Dad's teeth started hurting. He had some pain killers and put some hot things on his mouth and it didn't get any better so MTLH started ringing dentists for him. It's Saturday. Noone was open. She managed to get an appointment for him tomorrow morning. Dad then went to bed and has been there with Carbi and looking after him and I've been looking after Carbi.

I stole this picture off my Aunty Lou's blog (Carbi and I are doing that a bit lately!).

This is a scan of my cousin Cooper. He is still in my Aunty Kellie's tummy. He has been their for 29 weeks now. Isn't he cute?!!

Aramis xx

Friday, February 09, 2007

Dancing Dog

Look how well this dog has his human trained to dance with him!!!

I'm going to train Daddy to dance like that!

Thanks to Aunty Lou for having this on her blog - she wants to teach her rabbits to dance like that!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I was going to tell you about this last week but I talked it over with MTLH and we decided that I should tell you this week. Carbi and I went up a class at training!!! The man who tested me and MTLH said that I could almost go straight up to the top class except that that's not allowed!!

Apart from going to our first full lesson as green class members at training tonight, today was boring. Instead of dragging us around, MTLH sat in front of the computer - making calls, writing and faxing letters and emailing people trying to find someone to help us. No luck yet but hopefully SOMEONE will be nice soon!

I'm tired after training tonight so I'm going to go. Carbi and James are going to be in another magazine soon - this is the photo MTLH took for it.

Aramis xx

Monday, February 05, 2007

Can anyone help us?

Hi all,
We have spent most of today out in the heat trying to find a printing company that will heavily discount or even donate the printing of some things we need to promote Paws for Diabetics. Unfortunately so far we have had no luck and PFD doesn't have much money at the moment as we are still only new!!!! MTLH asked me to ask you if anyone out there knows someone that might be able to help? We have been invited to a Diabetic Fun Day on the Central Coast at the beginning of April and need to have some things to hand out. We sent the files to my Uncle Jack today cause he works for a printing company but he has already said his company can't help. If anyone knows anyone (in Australia!) could you please email me: aramisyarker at optusnet dot com dot au. Thanks!!! You might be able to save us from melting in the heat!!!
Aramis xx

Sunday, February 04, 2007


This morning I got woken up by MTLH singing Happy Birthday to me. While this is nice, I don't know that she should sing that often!!!

We got up and waited for Dad to wake up then I got to open my presents!!! I wasn't sure what I was meant to do with the nice bag in the middle of the room and since I'm polite and don't look in other peoples bags I hid under the desk and MTLH had to get everything out for me.

I got:

Raw hide bones
A ball on a rope

A snake (not one that can bite tho)
A Giraffe (see I said I wouldn't get an elephant!!! but I got a giraffe!!)
And a Santa Paws ball.

We hung around home eating rawhide bones - which I had to SHARE with Carbi! MTLH read me the emails my other Mum and my sisters sent - I had 4 emails!! I spent some time telling Olivia (my sister who lives with my other Mum) what I got and she wanted to know if I was going to have cake and funny hats. Unfortunately no cake but happiliy no funny hats either!!

We then we out. We went and picked up Uncle Dan and went shopping. MTLH helped me pick out a valentines day present for my lovely girlfriend. We went for a run in an empty carpark.

Carbi spilt Dad's coffee on himself and Dad - don't worry, it wasn't hot. This is what Dad's shirt looked like:

Carbi now has more brown patches than he did. Dad picked out some bones for Carbi and I to have when we got home. We got chicken necks, lamb necks and brisket bones.

When we got home Dad got out a chicken neck for each of us, but they are either mutant chickens or they are really lamb ones because look at the size of them!!!

Carbi decided that both of them should be his and he pulled a clump of hair out of me!!! Which I don't think that that's fair because we only got bones cause it's my birthday!! This is me not sure if it's safe to eat it.

I then made MTLH and Dad be my body guards and had a good chew.

Also today, we had our 2000th visitor to the blog!!!

So there are celebrations all around. Carbi has some news to tell you too but he can do that himself later!

Aramis xx

Friday, February 02, 2007

Another Secret

There is another secret and I promise I don't know anything about this one!!! It's my birthday on Sunday, I will be 2!!! MTLH went to Pet Barn to get us the flea stuff we have every month and come back out with a bag... and she wouldn't let me see what was in it!!!! She got cranky when I tried. Yesterday the same thing happened at the local shops!!! I'm guessing it's my presents... I wonder what they are.

One thing I do know is that I'm not getting an elephant because that wouldn't fit in a bag and MTLH wouldn't be able to carry it even if it did!

Aramis xx

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I'm Sorry!!!

I'm sorry everyone! I lied to you all!! I knew all along what the secret was but I wasn't able to tell you because it was a secret from Aunty Lou and she reads my blog and we couldn't let her know.

Before I tell you what the secret was I'll tell you that it isn't that purple aliens are coming to visit.

I'm also want to say that we didn't go to Villawood agian today and we aren't going to the coast again.

We aren't going to the coast because Nana isn't here! She went to CHINA!!!! That's the secret!!! Nana went to China for Aunty Lou's exhibition and Aunty Lou didn't know until she turned up at the door to her appartment!! Nana talked to Uncle Phil and organised it but Aunty Lou just thought that Nana and Pop were gettting flowers delivered!! Nana turned up with some fake flowers in her hands.

So... the little purple bit was cut out of this....

and this is what Nana would have looked like when Aunty Lou opened the door - although she would have been wearing warmer clothes!!!

I hope everyone forgives me for lying!
Aramis xx