Friday, September 28, 2007


Don't tell Carbi that I'm telling you this... but I need you all to know what a big baby he is!

The other morning we were all happily sleeping... and all of a sudden we got woken up by a howl. Dad and Mum sat up and saw that Carbi was sleeping and he was howling in his sleep!! He was crying like a big cry baby!

He won't tell me what his dream was about. I think that he won't tell me because it he is a big baby and he was probably crying over something silly!

But shhh... remember not to tell him I told!

~Carbi doesn't look like this anymore but inside he is still a big baby!~

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sir Lance-a-lot and Kate

If you find you have a few minutes spare, please go check out the blog that my friend, Sir Lance-a-lot, has started with help from his Mum!

Sir Lance-a-lot is Chino's dad... this is ChinoSo... check out the blog Please.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm in love!

Now some of you may remember that I have fallen in love before... but this time it's the real thing!!

I have introduced you to Shania before (here) but I didn't really know her until she came and visited me and Aramis two weeks ago. She is so beautiful. She is a chinese crested just like me - but she isn't a powderpuff.

I spent lots of time just kissing and cuddling her and letting her know she was special.We played together alot.But sometimes she'd get cranky at me and then I'd have to leave her alone for a while.

She has gone back to Sydney now... but I'll always love her!!

How mean are my humans?!

Look what they force me to endure...

How mean is that!!!

And they have forced me to play with a new toy... a moose with a grunt in his middle and squeeks in each of his feet!