Monday, May 07, 2007

Part 3: Touring Tasmania

It's Aramis again.
All our furnature arrived safe and sound and Carbi, Dad and me made good use of the lounges!
After a few days travelling and unpacking we all decided to take a day off. Nana and Pop went to Penguin markets in the morning, while Mum and I worked on our uni assignment and Dad slept in. When Nana and Pop got home we went for a drive. We did want to go to a place called Cradle Mountain but it was raining and foggy and we wouldn't have been able to see anything so we just drove.

We ended up in a town called Beaconsfield. Some of you will have heard of this town. In the papers a few days ago they were talking about a mine collapse in Beaconsfield on the 25th of April, 2006. "Of the 17 people who were in the mine at the time, 14 escaped immediately following the collapse, one was killed, and the remaining two were found alive after five days nearly a kilometre below the surface. These two miners were rescued on Tuesday May 9, a full two weeks after being trapped." (taken from the Wikipedia article about it

Anyways, so we stopped to go to the toilet in Beaconsfield and saw that there was a museum, so we went it. It was pretty fun... there was lots of cool old stuff to play with and the humans could even make the old machines work. One was scarey tho... it was called something like the stamper and it made a very very very loud bang bang bang bang. Also, I didn't like some of the things I had to walk on... they were see through and my feet hurt to walk on it. We went up on to a platform and saw this...
This is where the two miners came out from underground when they were rescued.

Then after looking at everything we went home again.

Last Wednesday, Nana and Pop left and they haven't come back since. Mum says that they had to go home aren't coming back soon, but I think they have just gone on holidays... and the longest they have ever been gone for is about two weeks so I'm sure they'll come back soon. Carbi is very sad he doesn't have his Pop to cuddle and even I'm a bit sad they aren't here.

The other day Mum decided that we should go for a drive. It was rainy and cold but we all needed to get out of the house. So we got in the car and went on a drive through Riana, South Riana, Gunns Plains, somewhere else I think, and then home again. It was a good drive. There was lots of cow dogs to look at. The only bad part was that Mum was getting a migraine and Dad's level was high so Carbi and I were whining and upset for a while until Mum had a tablet and Dad had some insulin! It was only when that all worked that we could enjoy looking at the cow dogs.

I think that's pretty much everything we have done up until now. I hope you enjoyed reading about our recent adventures. We are all busy looking for jobs now. Dad has an interview tomorrow and Mum has one on Thursday. Please cross your paws that they get the jobs cause otherwise Carbi and I won't get any treats!!!

Aramis xx

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Part 2: The House

It's Carbi here! Aramis is tired from the big post yesterday so I'm writing today's post. Anyway... so we got to our house and had no furnature. The furnature was arriving a few days after us. The first thing Mum did was unpack the computer.

We were meant to have the modem for the broadband waiting for us but it wasn't here. Mum rang up Telstra and was really cranky after she did cause they said that the lady she had talked to first was wrong and that she had to wait for a week until the modem came.

This was the bed we were sleeping on. It was two camp stretchers pushed together.

I had a cuddle with Dad the morning after we got here.
It was very cold. I didn't like how cold it was when we got here. Pop and Dad put a door in the wall for me and Aramis to use.

I didn't like it at first because it is different to my old door but now I use it all the time.

This is our loungroom before our furnature came.

When the men came with our furnature Mum and Dad made us stay out the front so that we wouldn't get out and run away exploring our new street. Then the men had to come into the front yard and so Mum and Pop made us stay in a little fenced in bit by the side of the house! It wasn't fair!! Pop came and sat with us so that we were happier but it didn't reallly help.

When we were allowed back into the house there was furnature and boxes everywhere!! Everyone worked hard to get everything organised and I supervised. See...

In the mornings Aramis and I woke Pop up by climbing on him.
Stayed tuned for part 3: Touring Tasmania
Carbi xx

Saturday, May 05, 2007

We're Baaaack!!! (Part 1... the trip)

Hey Everyone,
Sorry we didn't post for so long but with our trip to get to our new house, Telstra (phone company) stuffing up the broadband connection and Mum and Dad looking for jobs I haven't been able to get onto blogger to post - but this will be a long post to make up for it ok?

So... On the 21st of April we set off on our trip from our old house. Carbi and I were squished into the back of the car, on top of all the stuff we needed on the trip and in the new house until our furniture arrived. Nana and Pop drove in Pop's car.

We drove to Mittagong and stopped at a park there. Carbi and I wanted to play with the ducks but Mum, Dad, Nana and Pop wouldn't let us!!

We then got into the car again and went to Yass for Lunch. The grass around Yass needed lots of rain... it almost looked grey! There were lots of cow dogs and horse dogs and sheep to look at.

After Yass we got in the car again (can you see the trend yet?), and drove to Gundagai were we saw a dog sitting on a tuckerbox.

It wasn't really that interesting (see Carbi is yawning), but then we went for a walk around and found the dog toilet which WAS interesting!

If you want to know why there is a statue of a dog here... read this poem (you will have to click on the photo to make it bigger to read). It's a bit rude... just warning you!
After thoroughly checking out the doggy toilet we got back in the car again! Before we drove anywhere Dad spotted a kitten and Mum got out to check it was ok. It ran away and she said that there was a house nearby and that it might live there. Carbi and I were yelling at her to catch it for our dinner!!!

~This is the stuff we got to look at most of our trip... not much there!!~

We finally got to the place we were spending the night. It was a town called Holbrook. We stayed in a cabin and we could hear these big thuds against the house every so often. Nana and Pop looked and said it was big moths. In the morning, Mum took me outside to go to the toilet and we had to walk for a while because all the trees were occupied! Look what was around them...

We drove from Holbrook to Woodonga to do a home visit at a mans house. He has applied for a Paws for Diabetics dog and we had to check his house was safe. His house was in Victoria so we went there and then came back to NSW to have lunch with Nana and Pop. We then went back into Victoria and drove to Seymour where we had a break at a park. The park had this man in it. I don't know what has happened to him but he was stuck like this.

We drove more after this ... past more of this....
And into Melbourne... the capital of Victoria. We stayed in a motel in the middle of the city.

The next morning we went on a tram. Mum and Dad had to carry Carbi and me onto the tram cause it was an old tram and the steps were high.

We went to a park and then Carbi and I turned into Giants!!!

~See how big we are and how small that house is! Fe Fi Fo Fum....~

After we turned back to normal size, we went to a cafe and had lunch.
~"Please can I have some food??"~

The cafe had bowls of water for puppies to drink out of. After lunch we got back on the tram and went to an old Gaol. It's called Richmond Gaol. We had our pictures taken in the cells.

After this we got in the car again and drove to pick up another car! The other car was a blue Morris Minor called Daphne and Nana and Pop had gotten it to Melbourne on the back of a truck. We are borrowing it for a while. After that we all drove back to the city and to a funny place Mum called a Wharf. There was a big building there that Mum said was a boat. This is the building/boat.

We drove into the building/boat and parked the car. Mum got our stuff out and we went to meet Dad and Carbi who had driven onto the boat in our other car. We went upstairs and found our room. Mum and Dad watched TV for a while and we went to sleep.

~This is us on the building/boat... it was cold and windy outside~

In the morning Mum and Dad kept telling us that we could go to the toilet in this room...
I haven't gone to the toilet inside for a VERY long time and I wasn't about to start. However, Mum calls me a camel and I can hold on... but Carbi has only just learnt not to go inside and is not very good at holding on yet. By the morning he was very sad. He REALLY needed to go to the toilet but couldn't go inside no matter what Mum and Dad said.

See how sad he was. He was shaking and crying. In the end they let the people who didn't have cars off the building/boat first so Dad took Carbi and walked off to get to a toilet for Carbi. This meant that Mum and I took our car, Pop drove Daphne and Nana drove Pop's car. When we drove off the building/boat we were somewhere different!!! I don't know what happened but we were in Tasmania!! I didn't know that buildings could move!! There was lots of water under this building so maybe that's why we could move!? That or it was magic... I actually think that it was magic but I wonder what everyone else thinks.

We drove into a shed and Mum had to get out and let a man look in the back of our car. I wasn't allowed to get out because there was a dog there working. They look in the cars for fruit. Mum said that they don't want fruit fly to come to Tasmania so they make sure no one brings it in. Nana got a fine because she forgot that she had a tomato and an avocado in the esky and they saw them there.

Then we drove to McDonalds and Nana, Pop, Mum and Dad all had food. Mum and Dad didnt buy anything for us even though we had both been so good and not gone to the toilet inside! They said that it was because it was breakfast time, but I don't understand why that meant we couldn't eat anything!

After eating we drove to our new house!!! Carbi and I ran around exploring everything. I'll show you more photos of the house later but this is one of me, Carbi and a headless Dad in the loungeroom before our furniture came! I have been working on the post almost all day so I'm off to bed now and i'll post about the rest of our adventure tomorrow!
Aramis xx