Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Away again

We might be going to the coast again this weekend. Nana and Pop are thinking of going to see Uncle Richard and Aunty Kellie and we might all go with them. Carbi has taken some time off work and so has Dad so we could all go and play on the beach.

On another note, I have worked out the secret. I think that purple aliens are coming to visit. What do you think? Could I have worked it out??

Aramis xx

PS I keep forgetting to tell you all - MTLH helped me upload lots of pictures into our photo album so have a look! There are 12 more folders of photos there!!!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bits and Pieces

My Aunty Lou is having an exhibition of her paintings in a revolving restaurant in China. She is a good artist and most of our walls here are covered with stuff she has drawn or painted.

I don't know if anyone who reads this (apart from Aunty Lou) is in China, but if you are, you should go to it! I want to, but Carbi and I can only visit when we are dreaming because if we go we aren't allowed back into Australia.

I heard MTLH and Nana talking about going to Villawood Refugee Detention Centre again on Thursday. I didn't like it last time because it's like a prison but I got lots of pats, and everyone was nice so I'm looking forward to it - a bit!

Something secret is being planned in our house. I'm not sure what it is... but I know it involves this...I'll let you know when I work out what is going on!!!

Aramis xx

Monday, January 29, 2007


On Saturday night we got to go out to a fancy restaurant for our Uncle Andrew's 21st birthday party. Aramis and I sat under the table and behaved really good. Mum forgot to take her camera so we don't have any pictures of that - BUT we went around to their house last night and Mum got pictures there.

This is Uncle Andrew and his cake

This is my face when I thought I'd be able to have some cake (we didn't get any)

This is Aramis's face

This is Dad trying to look scary

This is Sarah playing with me (Sarah is Uncle Andrew's girlfriend)

This is Dad teasing me

Friday, January 26, 2007

One little day can change your life!

So, on Wednesday we came home and then MTLH started packing again. When everything was packed we went to bed and got up VERY early in the morning. This time only MTLH and I went in the car which meant that I got the pick of the seats - well not the drivers seat, but that's only because my feet don't reach the pedals!! We drove for over two hours and arrived at a shopping centre. MTLH and I walked to a cafe and went in and sat down. We talked to a few people and I had to decide whether to send them to live in China with Aunty Lou. Oh, MTLH just read what I had written and said that it's not with Aunty Lou. Aunty Lou lives in Shanghai and we want people to live in Qiqihar, but I think that its ok... China's not that big is it??

Anyway, we had a break at lunch time and MTLH and I were going to go back to Uncle Dan's house and have lunch but MTLH had to talk to a reporter (more about that another time) and one of the people that is going to China rang and then we needed to buy Uncle Dan's christmas/birthday present because we think that Dad packed his christmas present because we can't find it! Finally we went back to the cafe just in time for the next interview.

Finally, we were all done for the day. So we jumped in the car and drove to Uncle Dan's house - via the place with the yellow M that gives you chicken nuggets because I had been so good. When we got there, I had a good sniff around and could smell Uncle Dan, a girl dog (Roxie) and some people. Uncle Dan and Roxie were the only ones there so I assumed that Uncle Dan was the only person that lived there.

Roxie - I don't think I've ever met a cuter dog! I liked her the moment I laid eyes on her. I even let her share my chicken nuggets even though I was the one that had been so good! Roxie is my girlfriend now. This is her photo:

Notice that we have very similar markings on our faces... that shows that it was meant to be. This is a photo of us together:

And a video that shows how much she likes me!!

Unfortunatly, I found out that Uncle Dan's cousins live in the house we were in and I met them when they came home. I do really like Lala, but Cal's a man so I'm not so sure about him... but they could be my new parents-in-law so I'd better get to know them.

This morning I had to go with MTLH to see a lady about a dog. MTLH said that and she thought it was funny-ish - I don't know why. Anyway, we went to a BIG park and MTLH said I was doing some PFD PR work so I had to be really good. I met a lady, a boy and two little girls. One of them was four and she has diabetes like Dad does and they are thinking about getting a dog to help her. Also, there is a Diabetes Fun Day that the lady is organising and they want me to go and do even more PR work.

I wasn't really sure what Public Relations was all about, however, it feels like just a lot of hand shaking! These people today seemed to have the same strange obsession with shaking hands that Nana did when she first came to live here. They seemed to like me and when they were going the boy asked if I could wave, MTLH said 'no, but I'm going to teach him', so maybe PR just involves shaking hands and waving at people.

After the park we went to the shops again and then back to Roxie's house. Roxie and I played all afternoon and then it was time for MTLH and I to leave. On the way home we stopped off quickly at Uncle Dan's Aunty's house and I met another dog - I didn't get properly introduced because we then had to go.

We drove all the way home and I am so tired, but so, so happy! Isn't it amazing to think that yesterday morning I didn't even know Roxie??? I hope we can continue our relationship long distance!!

Another animal

The other day I told you about the animals we saw on the trip... there was one I forgot to mention.
To refresh your memories we saw:



and goat-dogs.

The one I forgot was this...

Mum called it a Sheep. It isn't a sheep-dog because that's what Mum and Dad call me since I had my haircut and Aramis is a sheepdog.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Today we worked... and it was boring!!! I don't know how people do it all day every day!

MTLH and Dad are now watching NCIS so I'm using the computer while it is free. Texas... to answer your question, I don't have a favourite character on NCIS, I use the time while Dad and MTLH is watching to catch up on my blog and emails and comments.

Today MTLH had to do interviews all day. Dad, Carbi and I all went with her and sat around doing nothing all day. The best part of the day was when we got to go for a run and when Dad brought us chicken nuggets for dinner cause we were so good all day!

Tomorrow we head home and then it's off agian on Thursday for MTLH and I.

Aramis xx

Monday, January 22, 2007

I can't sleep!!

Hi everyone,
I know we said that we wouldn't be posting but I can't sleep because it's noisy here. I was asleep until the neighbours came home...

Anyways, I was awake and so I got out Mum's laptop to play a game and then discovered that I can connect wirelessly to the internet here!!!! I was so excited! Quietly excited cause I didn't want Mum to wake up and use it instead.

Today has been a long day, and guess what?? Mum remembered the camera - but not the memory card!! So she has got a cheap camera that she put a weird round memory card in and that I can't see photos on when they are taken. Mum also said that we have to take the photos somewhere to be "developed". I'm not sure why I can't just stick that weird round memory card into the computer like I do the other one we have... maybe we don't have the right slot for it or something? Anyway, since I don't have my own photos I will use ones I find in google!!

This morning we drove for ages. I had a big sleep and when I woke up I looked out the window
and saw some of these...

I wanted to bark at them but there were lots of them and they were bigger than me so I didn't make a noise. Doesn't it look vicious?? Mum called them cow-dogs.

Then we saw some of these...

Mum called these ones horse-dogs

And last but not least, we saw some....


Then we got to the caravan and all had a sleep. In the afternoon we woke up and went to the beach.

We were walking along the edge of the water and then all of a sudden a wave came. Dad and I managed to run away from it but Mum got wet and Aramis got a bit wet cause he ran a bit away. THEN Aramis started to panic cause he wanted to get out of the water right away! But cause he was trying and there was water and wet sand he fell over and got covered in sand and water. He had sand all over his face and all down one side. I laughed and laughed - because it didn't happen to me!! You know what's even funnier than that?? Aramis had to have a shower to get some of the sand out!!!

Well... I'm feeling tired now, it's quiet again and I have a hard day tomorrow - I have to help Mum interview people to go and teach english in China.

I'll post again tomorrow if I'm not to tired.

Carbi xx

Sunday, January 21, 2007

We're all going on a Summer Holiday

It's not a long holiday... but it is a holiday.

MTLH has to go to Nowra (on the South Coast of NSW) for work and Dad, Carbi and I are going with her. We are going to get to go to the beach and have lots of fun. We are leaving when Carbi and Dad get home from work in the morning and then coming back on Wednesday. Then MTLH has to go to the Central Coast for work and I'm going with her. Dad and Carbi have to stay home and go to work.

We'll post when we can!

Aramis xx

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Dogs MTLH loved

It's been really hot today. We went out to look at a car - MTLH pretends to want to buy stuff and they pay her for it... not really sure why. Anyway, it was hot and still is and I can't think. MTLH has been putting Nana and Pop's photos onto the computer for her and I saw this photo....
She got really excited about seeing it. This dog is Harry (and the man with him is Pop - well MTLH says that's Pop, I'm not sure if I should believe her). Harry was a Labrador. He was the first dog that MTLH ever loved. He lived with Nana and Pop before MTLH was even born. MTLH and Aunty Lou used to ride him around the backyard like a horse - he was THAT big. MTLH said that all her friends were scared of him because of how big he was but that he wouldn't hurt a fly.

The next puppy that MTLH loved was Cara.

She was Nannan's dog. She was a cocker spaniel and she stopped Nannan's house from being robbed one day when someone went to climb over the back fence.

Next in our line up is Gizmo the Labrador.

This photo is one of Aunty Lou, Gizmo and MTLH. Gizmo was the first of three puppy's that MTLH had that went to Guide Dog University after they had grown up. Gizmo didn't make it as a guide dog and had a short career as a pets as therapy dog before he went to live with a family as a pet dog.

The second guide dog puppy was Connor the golden retriever
This is Connor as a baby - he looks too big to be a baby to me. Then again, this is him all grown up...

MTLH said that she loved Connor so much and she still misses him but that he is a pets as therapy dog.

Next up was Ulah, another golden retriever...

Ulah was a bit of a naughty puppy MTLH says and she went straight to being a pet dog when she failed the Guide Dog U exams.

Then there was Carbi

and then ME!!!

PS. MTLH said that the man in the photo with Harry was Pop...

I don't think that this man...

And this man....

Are the same person. Do you?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Here I come to save the day....

This morning MTLH started to prepare food for dinner. She has to cook rice and let it cool so she put a big pot of water on the stove and turned it on to boil. She then went and sat in the air conditioned loungeroom to wait for it to boil.

I could smell something funny so I barked and barked and ran into the kitchen and back to MTLH telling her to get up and HURRY!!

MTLH came in and could see black stuff coming out from around the bottom of the pot and so she picked it up and then yelled to Dad that there was a FIRE!!!

Dad ran in and blew it out! He was able to do this because I told them early and it wasn't big!! MTLH said that something had fallen into the element and caught on fire.

my pimped pic!

I got lots of loving after that!!


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bad day (but some good)

Today has been a bit of a bad day... it all started at 10.30 last night actually...
Dad went to work and left me at home!!! I had a little cut on my foot and he didn't want me to step in anything yucky (we work in a nursing home). I cried and cried and cried. I didn't like Mum because she held me and stopped me from going with Dad. I talked to Pop for a while but he had to go to bed so I went to my bed and cried and howled until about 2am! Then I was tired so I went to sleep.

This morning I got up when Pop did and was talking to him. Then he went out to the car and didn't tell me to wait at the door. I ran out the door and ran away. Pop yelled at me but I ran next door to where our car is normally parked but it wasn't there so I couldn't go and find him. Then Mum tricked me by running away from me and making me chase her and somehow I ended up inside.

Dad came home soon after that and we all had another snooze because we didn't get much sleep last night (for some strange reason).

When we got up we had a play and then Mum made us both have a bath.

The good stuff that happened today was that training started again and we all got to go. I was really good!

I'm tired now.
Carbi xx

Monday, January 15, 2007

Head over heels

Reading my friends blogs I realised that everyone seems to be in love. Charlie likes Freda, Lillie likes Tanner, everyone loves Miss Sunshade...

I thought that I would tell you about my new love. My Mum loves Lano and Woodley (comedians - there's another love) and one of their songs expresses my feeling perfectly so this following video is a tribute to the love of my life.

Head Over Heels


I never had much faith in romance, I never met a lover who

could make my heart go whoopdy-doo

Until one day BAM suddenly

I fell head over heels in love with me.

Did you know that there are some plants

That are into self-pollination, I've got a Col infatuation

Self-pollinising's the only way to be

I'm Head over heels in love with me.


There is something in the way i walk,

The way i talk is so alluring

There is something in my cheeky smile,

And my profile that's so enduring

I'm not the only one who takes this stance i think that you will find

That most girls will lose their minds

Whenever they're in my vicinity

They fall head over heels in love with me


There is something in the way i walk,

The way i talk is so alluring

There is something in my cheeky smile,

And my profile that's so enduring

Whenever i see a mirror i do glance

And i say man oh man, Colly I'm you biggest fan

I worship you as a deity, I'm head over heels in love

You're all head over heels in love

Everyone's head over heels in love..... with me

Sunday, January 14, 2007

All Growd Up?

MTLH finally got to take a photo of Carbi that she was trying to get. It shows just how much Carbi has grown... and he is still growing!

~12th of August, 2006~

~13th January, 2007~

New 'Family' Members

Hi everyone,

I just want to introduce you to my new 'sisters'. They are part of my Paws for Diabetics (PFD) family! If you haven't alredy... please check out the PFD site so you know how important me, Carbi and the rest of the PFD family are!!!

Firstly we have Phoenix.

She is living with my other Mum. She was really small when she was born but thanks to her breeder she lived and now has a really important job!

Second we have Shania.

Phoenix and Shania are both hairless chinese cresteds and are real sisters as well as PFD sisters! Shania now lives with Gail and will be a big help to her by detecting Gail's hypos!

Now everyone cross their fingers that they start alerting really soon so that their new mum's get to feel safer!!! Some doggies take longer to start alerting than others. Carbi started only two days after he came to live with MTLH and Dad.

Aramis xx

Friday, January 12, 2007


This morning we discovered that our brother G.P. (the Guinea Pig) had died.

Yesterday was really hot, after a few cold days, and Mum and Dad think it was too much for his little body to take.


Wentworth Falls Lake

It's been hot here the last few days. We went to the lake to try and cool down a bit.

We sat in the shade while Dad and Mum had their picnic lunch and Aramis and I had a picnic of peanut butter smackos (our favourite!).

Then Dad and I went for a walk - I heard him say to Mum that it was a training exercise and I wasn't sure what that meant... I found out that it meant that I wasn't able to have fun and I had to walk next to Dad and ignore everything but him.

Anyway, when we came back from the walk Aramis was sitting under the tree all by himself and I couldn't see Mum anywhere. Dad could see her and I could hear her talking to him but I couldn't see her. Then suddenly she just dropped out of the sky!!! I have to admit... I was scared!

After that Mum and Dad said it was time to 'feed the ducks'. I thought maybe ducks was a new name for me and I was getting food. Then they started throwing bread into the water to these strange dogs. I don't know why they were feeding those things... I don't know what they are, only that they are called 'ducks' and that they float on water. I think that they must be another breed of dog... duck dogs. I tried to get the bread but they were throwing it too far out.

I'm going to bed now because I've been at work all night.
Carbi xx

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The News

MTLH told me something the other day when I was excited about being able to show Fei around if she came to visit NSW. The something got me worried. Carbi was excited about it but I'm not.

MTLH said that we are moving. I hope that she means me as well. I don't want ANOTHER new home! Although... I guess another new home WITH MTLH and Dad and Carbi wouldn't be too bad.

Anyways... she said we are moving to Tasmania. This is Australia (this was the best map I could find... Yamba is marked on there but I don't even know where that is! :-) )

We live in New South Wales at the moment and we have to go to Tasmania (which is right down the bottom!). First we have to drive 900 kms and then we have to go on a boat overnight to get there. MTLH just told me that some people out there don't know what kms are so I googled to find out how many miles that is and this is what I got... 900 kilometers = 559.234073 miles.

This is our new house...

They aren't moving for a few months... which means I have a few months to be really good and make sure that they take me with them!

I really like the backyard here too... it's big and fun for Carbi and I too play in. MTLH took this video of 'her boys' (as she calls us) playing out the back.

Anyway, I'm off to be good...
Aramis xx

Saturday, January 06, 2007


MTLH decided to play around with this website and made these pics of me, Carbi and Dad.

my pimped pic!
Doesn't Carbi look cool??

my pimped pic!
But he's not so cool in this one

my pimped pic!
Do you like my beard?

my pimped pic!
This photo of Dad was taken when he had been really sick - he is a bit fatter now!!! :)