Sunday, July 29, 2007

Return of the Public Relations Dog!

Hi Everyone!
Sorry Carbi and I have been so slack in possting but we have been busy making this house our home, barking at the neighbours, working and keeping Mum and Dad in line.

The last two months Mum has been hogging the computer trying to get organised for a presentation that Aunty Lorraine, Phoenix, Mum and me were invited to give. It was at a Bark Busters conference and we had to tell them all about what Paws for Diabetics does. The reason it took so long is because the airlines were being mean and nasty about me flying in the cabin with Mum. I've done it before with Aunty Lorraine when she was my Mum but now they think that my Mum isn't qualified to have me on board and I'm a safety risk!! Me.... a Safety risk!!!

Anyway, so I ended up having to be stuffed in a crate and I had to travel in the hold of the areoplane with all the luggage!! AND they all called me a "PET" not a highly trained assistance animal... it was very undignified I tell you! (not that I have anything against being a pet... it's just that i'm not just a pet - mum said it's like when everyone calls her Ms Yarker and she corrects them and says it's MRS!).

So, we all traveled and met in Sydney, got in a car and went to a place called Wollongong. We finally found our accommodation (after Mum finally got the thing on the dash that was talking to us to work properly) and we had a restful evening.
The next day we got up and went in the car again. We drove to a big posh looking hotel and found the place where we were giving the presentation. Mum and Aunty Lorraine did all the talking and Phoenix and I got to sit around and look handsome/pretty.

After the presentation Bryan (I have met him before at an official lunch meeting) stood up and talked to the people in the room and told them to give us money because I look so handsome (I wasn't really listening but I'm sure that's what he must have said because everyone thinks that!). As we left he gave us over $800 that had been raised by the 40 people (approx) in the room.

We then went back in the car and drove to a shopping centre. I was happily walking along surveying the crowds when suddenly I spotted another dog! It was Gracie!!
Mum reminded me that we were going to see if Gracie, Phoenix and Shania could pass their tests to become fully accredited like me and I was going to have to do a refresher test. We all sat and ate lunch first and then we did our tests and passed.

After this we went back to the place we were staying. Aunty Lorraine and Mum spent time getting dressed and I had a sleep, then we went back to the posh place for dinner. It was dark and loud and there were flashing lights so Phoenix and I spent most of the time under the table sleeping. Then Mum stood up to talk to poeple and so I had to come out and do my public relations stuff. I shook lots of hands and waved at a few people and Mum told them all about us and the organisation and they talked to her about trainging dogs. Eventually we went home and we all got to sleep.

The next day we took Aunty Lorraine and Phoenix back to the airport and then drove to a train place.
We waited and all of a sudden I saw Uncle Dan!! We went for a drive and I started to recognise lots of places and then all of a sudden we were at Nannan's and Aunt M's!!!

After saying hello to Nannan we went into Aunt M's house to look at her computer (went Aunt M got home Mum said "I'm only back in the mountains for half an hour before you need help on your computer!!"). After fixing the computer Aunt M got home and we decided to head off before meeting them again for dinner. This was were it got fun!!

Nannan had caught a little white dwarf rabbit that had been visiting her garden for weeks. Mum and Uncle Dan were supposed to take it to Mum's sisters house for my cousin Laura. Mum put it in a box and then started to walk to the car... before I tell you anymore of the story I'd better inform you that I didn't have my lead on but was ignoring the bunny smells comming from the box. Anyways, so we were heading to the car and all of a sudden the bunny started weeing! It came out of the box in a stream all over Mum and her camera! She hurredly put the box on the ground and the rabbit pushed it's way out of the box and took off in a white blur with a black blur following it!! I couldn't help it!!! It's a dogs duty to chase rabbits isn't it??

Mum yelled at me and I reluctently left the chase and went back to her. We decided that the rabbit was a little too wild for a three year old to play with and so we went back to the car. Once again I recognised where we were and as soon as we stopped I jumped out of the car without waiting to be told I could which was another naughty thing but I was too excited to wait!! I ran to the door of the house and inside and got a big big hug from POP!!!! We were at my old home!!! It was so excited I went exploring outside to make sure that there was no new dog smells in MY backyard.

Nannan, Aunt M, Uncle Dan, Pop, Jules, Rodney, Tommy and Laura all came over for dinner. I was very tired so I went and had a sleep.

The next day we got up and went to pick up Uncle Dan. We drove to the beach on the central coast of NSW (we live on the central coast in Tassie) and Mum and Uncle Dan had ice cream.

We then went to Uncle Richard's and Aunty Kellie's and saw a new puppy called Cooper...

He was a funny looking puppy he had no fur and cired a lot. Mum ignored me a lot and cuddled the Cooper-puppy instead. Then Dom and Mia came and played as well.

~Mia and Me~

After they left Mum got the Cooper-puppy to sleep and then we left and went back to Pop's.

Early on Saturday morning, so early it was still dark, we got in the car again. We drove to the airport and Mum made me got back in the crate. I got loaded into the hold again like a piece of baggage and we took off. The landing this time was really bumpy and I bounced around in my prison. When I saw Mum again she had Dad with her and we all got in the car, said hello to Carbi and came home.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


We did lots more driving last weekend. Nothing really interesting to report though so I will just post some pictures!

Mum let us stick our heads out the windows when we were on this track with noone around.

This thing is called a nut but I don't know why. It belongs to Stanley.

We had to wait in the car while Mum and Jo climbed up onto a platform to take a photo of Stanley's Nut.
I don't think it's very nice for someone to be calling us 'cliff face'... my face does NOT look like a cliff.

This bridge hurt our feet to walk over.

These are the water falls we saw (we saw a few of them).