Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Picnic at Martin's Lookout

Today we went for a picnic. Mum worked out where we were going and didn't tell Dad until she had too. We drove to Springwood and Mum and Dad got some food and then we drove for a few minutes. We went down a bumpy road through the bush.

We got to the end of the road and parked the car. We walked down a track and then we came to an open area. There was a big cliff that I wanted to look over, but Dad wouldn't let me. Mum and Dad sat down and ate their food while Aramis and I explored the area where they were sitting (they were mean and wouldn't let us off out leads, so I still couldn't look over the cliff).

While they were eating Mum told Aramis and I about the day Mum and Dad got engaged, because Dad proposed to Mum at the lookout.

After lunch, Mum took some photos of us all.

This evening we went to dog training. I had so much fun! I jumped around all over the place and tried to play with all the other dogs. Aramis is really boring when we go to training. He does what Mum says and ignores me when we I try and talk to him. Dad is watching a DVD so I'm going to go watch it with him now.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Sleeping where??

Guess what Carbi just did???

He was downstairs with Dad. Dad just came up carrying Carbi who was asleep in his arms. When Mum-that-lives-here asked Dad why he had brought him upstairs he told us that he had found Carbi asleep halfway up the stairs!!!

Mum-that-lives-here and I both wish he had gotten a photo of that! The stairs must have just been too much for him - but they're not for me!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bath Day

I think Mum and Dad like torturing me! It's true!! Want to know how I know???

Well... this afternoon I was having a perfectly lovely time playing outside. I dug a hole and burried a bone for safekeeping. Ok, so I got a bit dirty, but I had fun.

I came inside. Mum and Dad saw me and decided I needed a bath before going to work tonight. So they tortured me and gave me one.

by itself that wouldn't make me think they LIKE torturing me.

once I was dry we went around to Nan-nan's and Aunt M's house to water their gardens, as they are still away.

Aramis and I played with the water while Mum was watering. Ok, so we got a bit dirty, but we had fun

Can you guess what happened next?

we got home and we BOTH had to have a bath!


Saturday, October 28, 2006

My First post

Hi everyone,
I had a lesson on how to do this from Carbi yesterday so hopefully I remember.
As you might have worked out from reading mine and Willow's emails, I have moved to live in Carbi's house. Today we went to my new grandparents house for dinner. They seemed very nice and gave me lots of pats.
I have a few photos that Mum-that-lives-here took so I'll put them here for you to see.

Carbi and I sniffing a tree near the airport

The black stuff Willow and I talked about in our emails

Carbi and I after having a play

Me and the Mum-that-lives-here

Looking off the veranda

This bird dropped in for a visit and a feed

I'll write more when I can.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Dear Willow....

The following are the emails that have been going back and forward between Aramis and Willow (Aramis's sister). I'm just teaching Aramis how to do this... next time he will post something himself!

Hope you get this as Mum can't find where she wrote down your address. I was wondering where you had gone, last I saw was when Mum put you in that crate, and then we went and watched people walking into a big car with things sticking out each side. Mum said it was a plane, and it was really noisy. Then we watched it go up in the air and disappear. I went along as the "distraction" today while Mum tested a dog, and guess what, I learned to go up and down a moving path that are called escalators. Mum said I had been very good, but am I tired! Olivia says that you are being adopted, and are to be Carbi's brother now.Olivia also said you were the Public Relations Dog for PFD. Does that mean y
ou will have to make speeches and stuff? When you can, will you let me know how you are, thats if you even get this that is, Willow.


Hi Willow!

Thanks for your email. I miss you and Mum and Olivia.

After you saw me at the airport I flew through the air and ended up in Sydney. Carbi picked me up from the airport and was jumping all over me – I got annoyed at him cause I was tired and sad and the plane had been noisy and I didn’t feel like playing.

Carbi said that his parents are called Dad and Mum – isn’t it funny that there are two Mums??? He said that he belongs to his Dad – but that I can be his Mums dog. I just want to be at home. I went to a big oval with lots of dogs last night – I think it was training. They put me in with the beginners!!! Don’t they know how good I am??? It was really boring – but I was the top of the class!!!

Today I have been playing with – and trying to eat – the two guinea pigs that live here. I’m a bit scared of the rabbit though.

Congratulations on learning to go on an escalator – I’ve been on them – they are very scary aren’t they?!

I also get tired when I’ve been good for a while! It’s very hard to be good all the time.

I don’t know what I’m going to have to do as the PR Dog. I think I just have to be good – so I guess I’ll also be tired!

I went to a meeting with the Mum-that-lives-here today and a little boy who was about three kept pointing his finger at my nose – I stood very still and he poked me (softly) a few times on the nose – then we left.

The Mum-that-lives-here said that we are going to uni tomorrow – whatever that means.

I miss you! I miss you! I miss you! (even if you are annoying sometimes! J)



Hi Willow,

Today I went to Uni! I’m really smart now! I learnt about HIV/AIDS. Uni seems mean that we just sit around for a lot of the time and people talk. I went to the library and used the computer. I also walked down a few flights of stairs!!!

I’m starting to feel hungry again and I ate some food today!

At the moment I am just sitting on the lounge with the Mum-that-lives-here and following her where ever she goes when she gets up.

I still miss you all!



Hi Aramis, Mum is cooking dinner so I can answer you while she is busy. I bet you are the first dog to go to university, Olivia says only very smart people get to go there. Learning about HIV/AIDS sounds interesting, but is it good to eat? Its good you were able to face down those scary stairs, I hope I can do it when I first try them. Oops here comes Mum with her dinner, so I have to get out of her chair, talk to you more later, Willow.


NO WILLOW!!! DON”T eat any HIV/AIDS if you see any!!!! It’s very bad and it leads to death! Please promise you won’t eat any!!!

I haven’t gone UP any stairs today – but I went down them good. They are a bit scary, but since Carbi can already go up and down them here I should be able to and you will too.



Oh dear, its a good thing you went to university and learned about the dangers of this HIV/AIDS, and I won't eat any, but how will I know, what does it look like, do you know? Olivia just read this and has gone out side laughing, and now I can hear her and Jewel killing thenselves laughing, so I'm thinking that maybe this HIV/AIDS is something we are too young to know about. Its not very nice to laugh at us though is it? I reckon thats why they aren't assistance dogs, and we are, because we have better manners, Willow.


Hi again Willow,

This is what HIV/AIDS looks like – don’t think it’s going to be hard to miss if we see it.

We definitely have better manners than Olivia and Jewel, we wouldn’t laugh at them unless they told a joke!



Thanks for the picture Aramis, and you know what, I wouldn't eat one of them anyway, too many funny colours, hasn't it? I was poking around in one of Olivia's big holes today, and scratched up a rather tasty little black thing with legs. Olivia tried to take it from my mouth but I was too quick for her and swallowed it whole. Mum said Oh YUK! What exactly does "yuk!" mean do you suppose? By the way, have you ever tasted that black stuff Mum drinks? She spilt some today opening the bottle, and I thought it was pretty awful. Willow.


Carbi says that his Mum and Dad say yuk when he finds and tries to eat the Wallaby poo in the garden and so he thinks it means that they think that whatever he is eating isn’t yummy.

Oh, and you know how I said I like to play with and try to eat the guinea pig, apparently I’m not allowed to bite them or put my paw into the cage and pull them closer!

The Mum-that-lives-here also drinks that black stuff. She had a red can of it in the car and there was a little bit on the top. I thought it tasted really good.



You and I used to like the same things, so I wonder if there are different sorts of the black stuff. Did you get into trouble for playing with the guinea pigs? were you trying to taste them? I don't know about wallaby poo, but I remember at the place where I was born, we all ate the duck poo and it was pretty good stuff. I remember Mum wasn't too pleased about that either. Willow.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Welcome Aramis

Mum has been chained to her computer lately by she has just left the computer to go and do something so I jumped on quickly just to let you know that Aramis is staying at my house. We picked him up from the airport yesterday. He is going to also write on this blog as you might have seen by his picture on the side!

Mum is coming back so we will both write more later.

Carbi xx

Saturday, October 21, 2006


I am SO clever! I just learnt how to get Mum and Dad to throw my toy for me to get lots of time. They throw it and say "fetch", I get to run and get it and then when I bring it back to them and put it on the floor and then they throw it again! I've got them very well trained haven't I?!

~I love this game!~

I just hope this never happens to me....

Uncle Dan came over yesterday and we had a sleep over. He helped me give my blog a makeover ... what do you think?

Yesterday Mum took lots of photos of me playing with my new toy. I got it on Thursday!

Today I went in my first ever car wash! There was tri-coloured foam squirted onto the car and then huge big blue spin-y things washed it all off. It was noisy but fun! It was also Uncle Dan's first ever car wash!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Guess what I can do??

Today I learnt how to get onto and off ramp escalators. The first time we went up Mum had to lift me on (Dad went first because I often do things just to be with him). The second time we went up, however, I just ran straight on to the ramp. I also got to walk in the Plaza (on the floor!) for the first time - it was only for a few minutes - but I still got to do it and I behaved!

I also learnt how to jump into the car - not scramble in after a few minutes. I now just jump straight into the car, and then straight up onto the seat.

In my last post I said that I didn't like going down the stairs inside... but I now know that they aren't so bad! Mum and Dad helped me a few times today but just before I wrote this I went down the stairs all by myself - I hesitated a bit at the beginning but I now know that I can do it all by myself!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, Mum has been using the computer all the time for her uni work and I haven't been able to get a chance to write.

Nan-nan and Aunt M have gone away. They went on the Indian Pacific so Mum, Dad and I walked up the street to the station to wave to them. Mum made a big sign to hold up that said "Have a safe and fun holiday - Aunt M and Crazy Old Biddy" - that's what she calls Nan-nan. I think it's rude - but Nan-nan seems to like it!

I was really good walking up all the steps to the station (and back down again). I have only recently learnt how to use steps properly. I'm still too scared to walk down the steps inside my house - but they are metal and scary!

Last week Mum, Dad and I went to a Bunnings store in Auburn. Mum was carrying me and we all walked into the store. The man at the door didn't notice me until we had walked in. He then yelled out "hey, no dogs in here". Dad and Mum turned around and started to walk back to him to explain that I'm not JUST a dog. Dad got to him first and the man again said "you can't have a dog in here". Dad had my ID out and said "actually...", then the man interrupted and said "no... come here" (really patronisingly)... he beckoned Dad to the door and pointed to the sign on the wall and said "see here... this says no dogs". Mum was really cranky because he was being patronising and grabbed my card off Dad, said "See here... this says assistance dog" (in the same tone he had used) and stormed back into the store with me. The man said "oh OK then, sorry". We shopped for a little bit and then on the way out he stopped us again and said "you've got me curious now... what's an assistance dog?"!!!

Nana and Pop left for China to visit Aunty Lou on Saturday. We drove them to the airport. Before we dropped them off we all went to Newtown Thai - where I had to sit under the table and ignore everyone who was walking down King St (if you know King St, Newtown you will understand how hard that must have been for me). We were sitting just inside the restaurant and so people were walking past approximately 1 metre from me at the most.

I behaved well and Mum and Dad brought me some chicken from the shop next door. However, when we were waiting to cross the road at the lights, another puppy came up and was also waiting to cross. I started barking at him because I wanted to play - Mum and Dad got very cranky at me and made me sit still and be quiet. Pop said that the other puppy must have looked at me and decided that I wasn't even an entree - I think he was referring to why the puppy didn't want to play with me.

The last few days Dad and I have been driving Mum to uni and then going to shops or playing.
Apart from that I have been just playing at home, growing, learning how to get onto and off the lounge by myself, growing, sleeping, learning how to get into and out of the car by myself, sleeping, oh yeah, and growing! I now sit almost whenever I am asked and wait until I am told it's ok to get up. I also drop and we are working on heeling but I still get distracted by nice smells and people. My favorite pastime at the moment is pulling apart tissues and I love it when I find one.

I think that's about it at the moment. Mum finishes uni in a few weeks and so I might not get to post again for a while. Sorry!
Thanks for reading!
xx Carbi

Monday, October 09, 2006

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

I got this game from Aunty Lou...

1, 2, 3, 4, 5.


  • Reach for the nearest book to you, and open to page and open to page 12
  • Find the 3rd sentence
  • And then find the 4th word in the sentence.
  • Do a google images search on that word only, and choose the 5th image, and publish it to your blog, along with the word you googled, and these rules for others to play along.
My word was 'trying' - from the 12th page of What-a-Mess has Supper

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Yesterday we went for a walk.

There was some tall grass by the side of the road.

Sitting and waiting

A big green nice smelling thing!

This tree also smelt good

I've learnt that in life one must take the time to stop and smell the daisies.

Our house from across the valley

A "big bad banksia man" - I don't know why they are called that... they don't have legs or arms or look like a man

Our street

Home sweet home

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Welcome Ali

So... today we picked up our new car. It's a Hyundai Getz. Mum was going to call her Gertie (she names everything - and now has a good reason too - see Uncle Dan's post "Why you should love your computer..." ) but then she found out what the number plate is.
It is:

AL 19 LJ

which therefore makes the cars name Ali (AL1). Mum and Dad like the number plate cause the last two letters can stand for Liz and James (LJ) and that makes the whole thing easy to remember. All they have to do is think of the cars name, followed by a 9 and then the first letters of their names.

Anyway, the car is a nice blue colour, and is very quiet! The old car was noisy!!! Mum was sad to see her old car go but likes the new car too. I like the car because it is comfy for me to sleep in - it also smells different. Dad and Aunt Em kept saying it smelt like "new car" and they seem to like the smell, but I don't!

I start Big School tonight so I'll write about that tonight or tomorrow and I'll hopefully have pictures.

Monday, October 02, 2006

We're getting a Getz

Yesterday and today, Mum, Dad and I went car shopping. Our car now needs a lot of work and Mum and Dad were thinking of buying a new one, so they decided that instead of spending alot of money on the old car they would buy a new one!

So... we went to EVERY, and I mean EVERY, car dealorship in Penrith. We looked at Honda, and Toyota, and Holden, and Mitzubishi, and Suzuki, and Hyundai, and Nissan. In the end Mum and Dad decided that they would get a Hyundai Getz. However, they didn't like the salesman at the Penrith dealor so we drove all the way to Blacktown. The man there was very nice and we all took a car for a drive. Dad checked that it was easy for me to fit.

Today we went back to Blacktown to fill out all the paperwork and tomorrow or Wednesday we will pick up the new car!!

On the way to the shop today I sat on Mum's lap and looked out the window.