Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mum is....

Mum is annoyed today. She said that some vindictive lady has deleted all of our email accounts so she had to make us new ones. I don't know what vindictive means but it seems to be bad... and who would delete someone elses email? What sort of person would do that? No dog that I know would!

Mum is also upset today. Nana and Nana's friend had a stall at a fair today and Mum sent some cards for them to sell for her. The reason she is upset is that none of her beautiful cards sold! If I had money I'd buy them all to make her happy.

Mum is sore today. She wrote all about why on her blog so you can read that here. She has been hopping around the house and sometimes she scares me and Carbi with her thumping!

Mum is happy today... when I give her cuddles!

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Simba said...

Sounds like your Mummy had a pretty awful day. I think she needs lots of cuddles.

Simba xx